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Are Men and Women the same?

This was a great topic request from a friend of mine who was having an open conversation with some friends: Are men and women the same? In my opinion I would say no men and women are not equals I beg to disagree.

Let me start by saying although I don't believe men and women are equals, I don't believe that men are above women either. I think nowadays because the traditional role of women being homemakers and men being breadwinners has changed immensely over the years some women do feel they're capable of doing what men can do and some argue they can do it better.

I understand that some women are capable of holding down some of the same jobs that men do in fact some are better at it. However, I am old school I still believe that man are and should be the head of the household, he doesn't have to be the sole breadwinner however he should still be the head provider and a women should be able to contribute if its needed but not necessary. I believe the woman's role is to hold a man down by taking care of his needs mentally, physically, spiritually (by encouraging him to attend church) and emotionally. Of course, a wife runs her household including she rules the children; women the children shouldn't rule you.