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Be Used

I would like to ask an amazing question today? Just to get you thinking and yes, I am talking to you who is reading this right now: Who would you like to be used by?

I think it is funny how we will allow ourselves as individuals to be used by family, friends and even our significant others. However, is it also funny how we will not allow ourselves to be used by God.

How many times will you continue to answer the physical phone when you know it’s a family member calling you for money, that friend from you past calling to steer you back into trouble or that significant other you worked so hard to get over.

However, when your spiritual phone rings and you know it’s the Lord prompting to you to call someone to encourage them or maybe to make the move when you really don’t want to go. Perhaps it’s time to let go of some of your old friends so God can prep you for the new friends: that will not only be good to you, they will be good for you.