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Holding on can sometimes cost you

I am a firm believer that when God gives me a story its for his glory. I could not allow this one to get past you all today. I learned an unbelievable valuable lesson today. Sometimes holding on can cost you more than letting go. I have a pair of special sandals that I really like honestly, they have probably taken up space in my closet for some time before I finally started to wear them. Between last summer and early this summer it has been my quick go to shoe however recently I noticed I wore them so much that the middle souls were beginning to look thin. Instead of throwing them away I decided to turn them into my indoor slippers. That is how much I really like the sandal.

A few weeks ago, I noticed after wearing them for a long period of time throughout the day it caused some lower back pain so I took them off immediately and agreed I should stop wearing them. However, when the time came, I couldn’t do it I rationalized with myself that I was only going to wear them once in a while around the house besides how much harm can they do its just a flat sandal. Here I am today after wearing my sandals all last week including this morning and now, I can barely move. The pain I am in right now is indescribable and If I had to search for a word it would be excruciating pain to say the least. Ouch.

This is a beautiful story that can apply to other aspects of life whether your holding on to the dead end job, dead end toxic relationships, our own desires like our dream relationships or dream houses or cars just to name a few.

Please remember this sometimes what we hold on too can cost us more than its worth. Should I have thrown the sandals out weeks ago? Yes, but did I? No! Should you let go of that relationship? Yes, But will you? Should we rid ourselves of our selfis