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Let’s be real we can all do bad by ourselves

I know the saying is so cliche but it’s so true: I can do bad all by myself. It's so funny how men, especially the underdeveloped ones, really believe that a woman needs a man to come in her life to make her do worse instead of better.

I had a conversation with a friend who believes that no man wants an independent woman and I truly beg to differ. No immature man can handle an independent woman of course because she is well capable of handling things for herself. I personally feel it's just a huge sign that the man is probably insecure and immature. We live in a day in time where most women can and will take care of themselves with or without a man. Most women now are left with no choice, I feel like a lot of men are willing to run away from their responsibilities.

Ladies, I would like to encourage you to do you; and continue to do you. It’s nothing wrong with a man coming in to assist us in life but let's be real, if we fall back from our responsibilities don’t be surprised if that man is not able to hold up your end of the deal. If he met you this way, who is he to try and change you?

However, a husband should be able to hold down his wife financially: this is my opinion. I am old school. An independent woman will totally relax and allow a man to be a man if he allows her to feel confident that he can handle not just his own financial responsibilities, but he is able to hold her down by any means necessary.

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