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Someone is Jealous of your Purpose

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Yes I am talking to you, please beware because someone is jealous of your purpose. A lot of times we can be blinded by our own relationships because the very person who is Jealous of your purpose could be your best friend, your closest sibling, It could be a parent, your companion believe it or not, it could be someone in that church you attend frequently or on your job.

I came to encourage you today; to pay attention, just because they seem as though they support what you do doesn't mean that they aren't jealous of you. You have a purpose that God called you to and sometimes it could be that you’re called to marriage, ministry or simply a calling that is greater than you.

Because some people don’t know their calling, they don’t want you to fulfill yours. It’s just that simple. Believe it or not it isn’t always that an individual doesn’t have a calling, they’re just too lazy or self-centered to seek God for their calling. So instead, they began to become jealous of your calling.